About Parga

The History of Parga

parga island

In antiquity the area was inhabited the Greek tribe of the Thesprotians. The village of Parga, once known as Hypargos stands from the early 13th century. It was originally built on top of the mountain “Pezovolo”. In 1360 the Pargians in order to avoid the attacks of the Albanians transferred the village to its present location. During that period, with the help of the Normans who held the island of Corfu, the fortress was built. >>READ MORE

The Castle of Parga


The Castle is found on the top of a hill overlooking the town and was used to protect the town from the mainland and the sea. It was initially built in the 11th century by the residents of Parga to protect their town from the pirates and the Turks. In the 13th century, as their control of the region increased, the Venetians rebuilt the castle to fortify the area. In 1452, Parga and the castle was occupied by the Ottomans for two years during which time part of the castle was demolished.. 1537, the pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa burnt and destroyed the fortress and the houses within.


    Parga rightfully attracts thousands of tourists every summer, not only because of its natural beauties, but also because of its beautiful beaches. Swimmers can enjoy the calm and warm waters, and a wide variety of sea sports or games are also available. The coasts of Parga are probably the best part by the beaches of Ionian Sea. The most popular and most visited beaches are: Valtos, Kryoneri, Piso Kryoneri, Lichnos, Sarakiniko, Ai Giannakis and other steep but also of rare beauty beaches.
  • Valtos Beach

  • valtos

    Valtos Beach is one of the longest beaches of Parga with a coastline that approaches (3 km) km. It is located just under the impressive rock on which is built the castle of Parga.. Because of its clear and calm waters and its distance from Parga gathers large crowd of beach users. It is covered by sand and pebbles, is quite safe as it is surrounded by the bay of the castle of Parga, and by the bay of Vlacherna, whereas the length of coastline allows the natural renewal of the water without the strong streams. Finally, the visitor can also enjoy a variety of sea sports, while around the beach there are picturesque taverns and mini markets. You can visit the beach by car, with small boats that set off from the port but also by foot or even by renting a motorbike or a bike.
  • Lichnos Beach

  • lichnos

    Lichnos Beach is one of the most beautiful and by far the most famous beach of Parga and is located in a green and verdant landscape. It is at a distance of 4 km. away from Parga. It is surrounded by the green of the mountain and by the olive groves of Parga and in combination with the blue and crystal waters is about one of the most special and adorable beaches of Parga. The visitor can enjoy many sea sports (such as water skiing, sea gliding, diving, fishing, jet skiing, wind surfing) while around it he can find hotel complexes, variety of units with rental rooms, picturesque taverns and mini markets.
  • Krioneri Beach

  • krioneri

    Krioneri Beach is the main beach of Parga and is located within the bounds of the community in a distance only a few meters away from the centre and quay. Just a short distance across the bay is the magnificent and picturesque small island of Virgin Mary, which can be accessed by swimming or by sea bike.


The town is linked with direct suburban buses (KTEL) to other Greek cities and towns such Igoumenitsa and Preveza. There are also non-direct connections to and from Athens, Thessaloniki and Ioannina although during July and August there is a daily direct bus connection to Ioannina.
The closest airports are located at Aktio (65 km) with seasonal direct flights to and from Athens and Thessaloniki and other domestic destinations and is also served by charter flights from abroad, at Ioannina (105 km) with regular flights to and from Athens, and at Corfu (46 km + car-ferry from Igoumenitsa) with regular flights to and from Athens, Thessaloniki, European destinations and the Ioanian Islands.
Parga is located at a distance of (10 km) from the national road E55 and (34 km) from national motorway E90.

Entertainment and Activities

Parga and the surrounding areas have many restaurants and seaside taverns serving fresh fish and unique local recipes. The character of the city is lively and modern but also with intense elements of the past. Place for daily meetings is the main road in front of the port, where every evening you can enjoy the sunset, while the sun disappears in the Ionian Sea, between the Castle and the Island of Virgin Mary. The entertainment begins early in the morning and never stops. With idyllic walks and tours, with small stoned paths and traditional good food. Even when the daylight doesn’t reflect in the Ionian sea, Parga has many surprises for you and as long as the night is coming around the city reveals to you picturesque taverns by the sea or inside the small paths, tranquil and lounge places for your drink, but also and vigorous and entertaining rhythms for those who seek this kind of entertainment.
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