The island of Panagia

The island of Panagia

Impressive is the lush island of Panagia, located across the street from the port of Parga, the church and the picturesque bell tower and the small French castle building that dominates the highest point of the island.

The Castle on the beautiful island of Panagia, was built in 1808 by the French during their stay in the wider area between the years 1797 and 1814.

As we read in the inscription on the stone door, next to the powder keg : Défense de la Patrie Α.D. 1808.

The purpose of the castle was to control a part of the bay of Parga, which was not easy to control the large venetian castle of Parga.

From the castle today saves, the yard, the gate and the fortress.

The island of Panagia adds a strong picturesque Parga. Visitors can go there either by beach bike from kryoneri Beach (about 5 minutes) or swimming (about 15 minutes).